Caturday Cats of the Week

Few things are as heart warming as stories of our cats.

Each Caturday we feature a Cat Box Classics Caturday Cat of the Week. It's here cats (and their companions) tell their stories. How did they meet? What makes their relationship special? And, of course, what makes each cat unique? If you love stories about cats and our relationships with them, this is the place for you.


Meet Lily

Caturday Cat Lily looking cute


Lily was a rescue and a Covid cat. Lily and her owner were able to bond during the pandemic and are now best friends. Click below to read more about their story and to see more pictures of Lily.

Click Here for Lily's Story & Pictures

Caturday Cat Betty looking our her personal porthole

Mini & Miki

Mini and Miki are less than a year old and are sisteres who love to wrestle, watch the birds in the backyard and meet new people.  They are sweet little girls who have brought joy to their companions lives.

Click here for Mini & Miki's Story & Pictures

Caturday Cat Betty looking our her personal porthole


Betty is a rescue who was found in a back alley but who now loves to stretch out on her companion’s yoga mat, peep through her portholes and go for outside walks with a harness. She is Queen of all she surveys.

Click here for Betty's Story & Pictures

Caturday Cat Tina Modotti relaxing on a yellow rug

Tina Modotti

Tina Modotti is a gorgeous black and tan tabby that wakes her companions up with kisses, loves to play fetch and her arrival in the family seemed to be a gift from the family's previous kitties.

Click here for Tina Modotti's Story & Pictures

Cute rescue cat Etta with beautiful eyes in the sun

Rollins and Etta

Read the story of rabble rousing Rollins and the gentle but protective Etta (pictured). Both were rescues who have helped bring joy and purpose into the life of their human companion. They love to rough house and both greet their owner at the door every night.

Click here for Rollins & Etta's Story and Pictures

Cute rescue cat Sherlock


Sherlock was an abandoned rescue who needed bottle feeding to survive his first few weeks. But he landed in loving hands who were patient with his special needs and difficulty interacting with people. With time, patience and his “Buddy Bear” teddy bear, Sherlock is now a happy curious cat that – given his name – loves to inspect every detail of his world.

Click here for Sherlock's story and pictures

Cute Caturday Cat Larry peaking our from bed covers


Larry is a sweet fellow and a lover of the fly-by-lick. He's the companion to a self-described crazy cat lady who calls him the love of her life.

Click here for Larry's story and pictures


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