Our Story

My wife Megan and I founded Cat Box Classics to make cats happy and homes look great. Our goal is to bring you the most cat-friendly, beautiful cardboard cat houses available.

After moving into a home we really liked, we wanted a cardboard cat house that wasn't covered in cartoons, shaped like fire engines or, worse yet, were cut up out of old, brown shipping boxes. Those are fine, but they weren’t what we wanted for our home. And we’re guessing they aren’t what you want either.

Cat Box Classics was launched to meet the need for a combined play, scratch and sleep house with an integrated cat scratcher that would make cats happy and enhance home décor. 

Our cat Cleo as a kitten

It Began with Love for a Cat

Our journey begins, like many of your stories, with love for a cat. Cleo was a rescue found abandoned, sick and alone in a stairwell. My wife Megan adopted Cleo and introduced me to Cleo shortly after we met seven years ago. I, like many new cat owners, quickly discovered Cleo loves boxes. Megan already knew that universal truth, but it was a revelation for me. So I began cutting holes into Amazon and Zappos boxes. We would use the boxes for interactive play, Cleo would sleep in the boxes and occasionally stalk and bap us through the play holes. Cleo, finicky as she is about everything, loved them.



Cute kitten photo

It Continued with Love for Our New Home

Megan and I at the time had lucked into the best apartment either of us had ever had. We were really enjoying decorating the space and my ugly, brown cut-up cardboard boxes didn't go with the interior design we were trying to create. So we began searching for a play, scratch and sleep house that was designed for cats but would actually look good in our apartment. We scoured the Internet and quickly discovered the only available options were childish shapes and cartoons or plain brown cardboard. Neither of which we wanted in our space. We got to work.


Cleo inside the Furry Masterpieces Cat House with Scratcher

Cat Box Classics was Born!

We knew there were people like us that wanted to satisfy their cat’s love of boxes while having something beautiful in their space. So we kept at it. And, after adding a second rescue cat, Jupiter, to the clan and producing dozens of designs and prototypes, working with multiple structural and graphic designers, launching a comprehensive search for manufacturers to produce our designs and finally, settling on our partners and processes, Cat Box Classics was born -- A combined cat play, scratch and sleep cat house that meets the needs and desires of cats while being designed for the aesthetic and interior design preferences of people.

Choose a cat house below and make your cat happy and your home beautiful


Orange tabby cat inside Kitty Jungle Cardboard Cat House with Scratcher