Caturday Cats of the Week

Few things are as heart warming as stories of our cats.

Each Caturday we feature a Cat Box Classics Caturday Cat of the Week. It's here cats (and their companions) tell their stories. How did they meet? What makes their relationship special? And, of course, what makes each cat unique? If you love stories about cats and our relationships with them, this is the place for you.


Here's Larry

Cute Caturday Cat Larry peaking our from bed covers

How did you meet?

I first met Larry at his birth home. Larry is a Siberian cat. He was raised in (a) Russian neighborhood in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. I was scrutinized, interrogated, and made to sign a 3-page adoption contract detailing how he would be treated, then had to pay a large ransom, but I made it out alive. My pre cana class was less stressful.

What Makes Larry Special?

Larry is a quirky guy. He’s a master of the fly-by-lick. He’ll walk by, lick your kneecap, then keep walking. Also, in order to fall asleep at night, he has to lie atop of someone and place his back right foot in their hand. He also protests when I go out-of-town and waits by the front door for my return. Larry also loves to play hide-and-seek. You’ll hide, and when he finds you, he’ll lunge with his massive paws, but doesn’t know what to do after that. He also finds the best hiding places, like between the shower curtain and the shower liner.

Caturday Cat Larry on the steps
Caturday Cat Larry as the Mona Lisa in the Furry Masterpieces Cat House

How has Larry Changed Your Life?

I am a crazy cat lady, and Larry is the love of my life. I’ve not only lived up to my adoption vows, but exceeded them. We have boxes, outdoor runs, toys, treats and playdates. I spend a fortune on his small batch, locally sourced, organic, high-protein cat food. He gets petted and adored all day long. I get so much more in return from him, it’s hard to keep up.

More Larry Photos


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