Five Reasons Cats Love Boxes


Three cute cats in a box

Cats Love Boxes: Five Reasons Why

If you know anything about cats, you know that cats love boxes. Domestic cats, big cats like lions, tigers, and leopards, it doesn’t matter: give them a cardboard box, and they’ll want to be in it.


But why? If you buy your feline overlord a beautiful kitty bed worthy of a royalty, why do they prefer the box it arrived in?


There are many reasons, and the main one is that your feline friend is a magnificent ambush predator by nature, so a safe, confined hiding place is going to be extremely useful both to stalk the prey from (your foot is acceptable prey) and to retreat to.


Purrfectly reasonable, isn’t it? Let’s explore this wondrous topic, so you can better understand how to please your feline master, or in other words, make your cat happy.


  1. Boxes Are the Safest Place in the World


three cats who love boxesMore or less. Somewhere on the top of a box is also good, so they can observe what’s going on. However, a box is like a den, no other predator can sneak up on the poor kitty either from behind or from the side. Whatever chooses to approach, the feline majesty will see it coming, and respond accordingly. Hiss, scratch, jump on the unsuspecting prey (your fingers are prey), everything can be done from a box. That's why Cat Box Classics boxes have strategically place holes that allow your furry friend to keep an eye on you and pounce when the moment is right. You can can check them out here.

Also, as noted by the Pet Health Network, hanging out in boxes may really reduce stress in cats. A study on shelter cats shows that cats that can hide in boxes have reduced stressful behaviors and lower harmful hormone levels. Seriously, try to hide in a box, and you’ll discover how comforting that is, like a blanket fort.


  1. Boxes Are Great for Avoiding Conflicts


two cats avoiding a conflictWhile cats emit the occasional meep, hiss and meow, talking isn't necessarily how they solve conflict. The advice "use your words" doesn't work so well on cats. So when things get a little heated - for example when our adult cat Cleo has just had enough of our pesty upstart kitten Jupiter or when Cleo is kicked out of her favorite chair - separation is often the best solution. Boxes give cats their own comfort zone and a place to go hide and calm down or sulk, as the case may be.  Or take a long nap (as long as necessary) while they wait for the problem to go away.


  1. Boxes Are Warmth Incarnate

cute cat in bedCats love being warm, and their idea of “warm” isn’t the same as yours. (Anyone who works in an office in close proximity to co-workers is familiar with this concept!) Cats thermoneutral zone, according to Wired Magazine, is 86 to 97 degrees Fahrenheit while yours is about 20 degrees lower. So while you feel cozy with the thermostat at 72, your cat likely doesn't. Boxes provide a place for cats to curl up, which helps keep them warm, and the enclosed space helps reflect their own body heat.


  1. Boxes Are Super-Fun!


Cute cat playingIt's hard for humans to grasp just how fun the right box can be for a cat, particularly a Cat Box Classics box. The possibilities are endless! Cats can hide in their box and stalk passersby. If the box has open spaces,your cat can pounce when the time is right! If the box includes a scratching pad, cats can scratch, stretch and flex their paws. And few things are as fun or enticing to cats as a play wand or toy slowly dangled just outside the box! (You have to be quick for that last one!) 

To make things even better, the scent pads on your cute cat's little paws will make the box smell like them, and mark them as their personal territory.


  1. Your Cat Can Sleep in Peace!


A kitten sleepingYour furry friend may have nothing more than to worry about than if breakfast will be served on time and how often you clean out their litter box. But cats are instinctual creatures driven by long evolved survival behaviors. And they don't want anything sneaking up on them while they sleep. Boxes provide the perfect cover. They are dark, cozy, partially enclosed and provide good sight lines. So while it's unlikely your cat will have to fend off their stuffed fish toy while lost in slumber, can can rest assured, knowing they are ready if they have to.

So whether its warmth, safety or play, cats love boxes because boxes make them feel safe, happy and engaged.

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